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Need a RELIABLE Billing System? Check out HostBill!
Then relax and let HostBill do all the heavy lifting.
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Regardless of your business niche, you can rest assured knowing that HostBill has you covered. Having an extensive array of features and options available to your fingertips, you can be assured HostBill will fit your every need and desire. Think of HostBill as the Swiss army knife of billing systems.

  • Multilingual Support
  • Fully Feature API
  • 70+ Payment Gateways
  • Streamlined Helpdesk
View HostBill; you might be surprised…
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View HostBill; you might be surprised...

HostBill is Extensive and modular

Copious Integrations

Being one of the most integrated billing systems currently on the market, HostBill can be linked up to any control panel, game panel, and/or service that is currently available in the market. Should your control panel not be integrated, you can even do it yourself via their advanced API.

HostBill has an intuitive design

Easy Management

You can now easily and quickly manage any domain/DNS based service from directly within HostBill. HostBill is able to interact with multiple registrars, control panels, and even cloud hosting environments. Furthermore, you can even do all those tasks simultaneously by automating your entire workflow.

Automate your hosting with a HostBill license

Extensive API

Using the API (Advanced Programming Interface) you can quickly integrate any third party application and/or service directly into HostBill. Subsequently, increasing your profitability and/or automation processes with just a few clicks of the mouse, its truly that simple.

Easily mold your HostBill instance into any requirement

Billing Schedules

Have the choice of how you bill your customers. Whether you are providing a product or service, you can now bill in any fashion you'd like, including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and many other durations. In doing so, HostBill allows you to be more nimble as compared to your competitors.