Plesk SiteBuilder

Building stunning websites isn't an easy process, especially when you are using them to generate a new revenue source. However, when it comes to Plesk SiteBuilder, there is no SiteBuilder that even comes close. Plesk SiteBuilder provides customers with an easy step-by-step interface, which is powerful enough to create even the most advanced websites, but simple enough to make it user friendly.

Plesk SiteBuilder includes an arsenal of tools such as Blogs, Image Galleries, Forums, File Downloads, Sitemaps, and even payment processing integration with instant payment gateways such as PayPal, SitePal and others. Additionally, Plesk SiteBuilder provides over two thousand and five hundred templates to choose from in eight different languages.

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The Plesk SiteBuilder provides a five-step point-and-click wizard, which includes designs, page structure, sample texts and a powerful WYSIWYG editor for non-technical users. Additionally, Plesk SiteBuilder allows you to easily integrate additional features such as photo albums, advanced statistics and other features, which are not commonly provided within most SiteBuilders, but come standard within the Plesk SiteBuilder.