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There are many control panels for the web hosting industry, they range from big control panels such as Parallels Plesk, to small ones such as DirectAdmin, which just rely on age, rather than features. However, there are those control panels which stand out above the rest, in terms of features and functionality. Parallels Plesk is one such control panel. This control panel is packed with features, and provides abundant options, while still being nicely presented.

Parallels Plesk handles Plesk updates with ease, as its one of the most advanced control panels within the industry. Its famous "roll back" feature allows the system to determine the compatibility of a Plesk update well before it applies the change, so it will never apply a change if it is not going to work perfectly. This is the same type of technique that is used when it comes to licensing, when performing a Plesk update and the licensing fails; you are always able to roll-back to the previous version of Parallels Plesk.

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Within the latest version of Parallels Plesk, you will now be able to customize apache configurations, and they will remain intact when you perform using Plesk update within the Parallels Plesk versions. So no more having to perform the Plesk update to your Parallels control panel, and then spending hours having to reconfigure all previous settings you had implemented. This level of granularity is what makes Parallels Plesk stand out from the rest of the crowd, and this is especially evident when it comes to Plesk updates.

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