Virtuozzo for Windows

Have you ever wanted to release a virtual Windows hosting environment, but where unsure where to turn? Well, now your worries have been solved with Virtuozzo for Windows. Virtuozzo for Windows is a virtualization platform, that has been specifically designed to meet the demands and needs of web hosting providers. Built from the ground up, Virtuozzo for Windows has been in development for more than six years, and is one of the fastest virtualization technologies available currently within the market place.

Recently being taught as "The Fastest Virtualization Technology" by Tier 1 Research, Virtuozzo for Windows is the most modern virtualization environment, which can reduce server requirements, while increasing the amount of customers that can be placed on a single server. "When it comes to speed, there is no virtualization environment such as Virtuozzo for Windows" says Demian Sellfors, CEO at Media Temple.

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Automated Deployment

Instantly provision VPSs...

Easy Compatibility

Unified control panel...

High Density

Optimize your resources...

Choose Your Own Operating System Flavor!

When it comes to deploying a VPS (Virtual Private Server) nothing beats a fully automated system such as Virtuozzo for Windows. Centrally manage all the Virtuozzo for Windows and Linux environments from one easy to use centrally managed portal. Deploying an OS is simple with the Virtuozzo for Windows environment because of its unique ISO deployment framework. This allows the administrator to deploy a new OS image within minutes rather than hours.