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When it comes to billing systems, there is one billing system that is one that stands higher than the rest, and that billing system is WHMCS. WHMCS provides thousands of customers around the globe with a billing system that does more than just handle your online transactions. Having been in development for the last five years, WHMCS empowers web hosting providers, resellers, web designers and others with a system that simply works.

In the industry there are many people who are looking to bypass paying for good software such as WHMCS billing system, by using what has become commonly known as "nulled software". Nulled software is software that was reverse engineered to remove its license validation or activation process, making it possible to use the software without paying for it. However, there are a series of disadvantages to using a WHMCS nulled copy, and the issues are mainly as follows: there are no security updates available, there are no version upgrades available, possible code exploits, and there is no software support. All of these issues make running a WHMCS nulled version very risky and extremely unsafe to both the provider and their clients.

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There are several ways to confirm that the copy of WHMCS that your provider is running isn't a WHMCS nulled copy. Firstly, you can go to the WHMCS website and use their verification tool, which will tell you if there is a license attached to the WHMCS domain that you have entered or not. If not, then the chances are you're your provider is running a WHMCS nulled copy. Secondly, if you have been with your provider for a while, and they have not even once updated their WHMCS for security fixes or patches, then there might be a slight possibility that they may be running a WHMCS billing system nulled copy.

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