Have you ever wanted to automate your live radio station so that you don't have to keep your computer on constantly, raising your electric bill at the end of every month? If so, you're not alone. Running a 24x7 radio station isn't a cheap affair, nor is it a very easy one. This is where some new software, AutoDJ, comes into effect, AutoDJ allows you to upload your songs to a server, and allows AutoDJ to play them for you in any way you preset them, so you can power down your computer and take some much needed RnR (Rest and Relaxation) while AutoDJ does all the heavy lifting.

AutoDJ is much like your DJ buddy. However, he is always active and making things happen for you, while you can kick back and take things easy. AutoDJ also has the ability to be disabled, so once you want to resume being the DJ you can simply turn off the autopilot feature. AutoDJ allows you to have full control on anything you do, ensuring that your radio station never has a silent moment.

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Playlist Control

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24/7 Streaming

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Controlling your playlist has never been so easy than with AutoDJ. Simply configure the playlist as you like it, including any breaks for advertising slots you'd like to include from sponsors and other such advertisers and then upload it to the server and enable AutoDJ. You can now take a swim or even enjoy the sun, knowing full well that AutoDJ has you covered! Having extra time means having time to do other important things for your business; automating is the surest way to free up much needed time.