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Installatron the MOST VERSATILE auto-installer.
Install any application, on any control panel.


Installatron is one of the most popular auto-installers. Supporting over 65+ open-source scripts, Installatron license also can be installed on almost any control panel making it an ideal choice for hosting providers and resellers.

  • Completely brandable
  • Import from other installers
  • Create custom Install scripts
  • Integration API (For Customization)
  • Fast Application Updates
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Installatron Swift Updates

Third-Party Integration

Are you using a custom theme, or perhaps a theme installed with RVSkins? If so, you'll be glad to learn that Installatron will work with it, right out of the box. No other auto-installers can provide you with that level of integration like Installatron!

Installatron Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

When it comes time to update your auto-installed application, Installatron license makes it easy. Installatron automatically downloads new products and updates on a daily basis via cron, ensuring that you're always up-to-date.

Installatron Intergration API

Integration API

Have you ever wanted to install an application right as you open an account? Installatron's API will allow you to do just that. Have a custom control panel? Just use the API to get Installatron integrated.

Installatron customized Installers

Customized Installers

Installatron contains a truly unique feature which allows administrators to make their own software and place it into Installatron for customers to be able to install with a click of a button.