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Hosting Industry's BEST VALUE control panel.
It's impossible to find any that have so many features.


DirectAdmin is one of the most powerful, yet affordable control panels on the market. DirectAdmin's features and speed have made it highly successful while its simplistic design has truly made it a valuable asset in any web master's toolkit.

  • Simplest control panel
  • Lightning-fast support
  • Extremely stable
  • Low resource requirements
  • Great value for money
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DirectAdmin License Support

Superior Support

Support that you can really rely on is what DirectAdmin has come to be known for. DirectAdmin is the only provider that offers support via live chat and phone at no additional cost. Other support avenues are also available with DirectAdmin license are email and their online community.

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Blazing Speed

DirectAdmin is a control panel that loads quickly is essential, as time waiting is time lost. When it comes to DirectAdmin, their control panel loads faster than any of its rivals. So if you are looking for a control panel that is fast loading, fully featured, and yet affordable, DirectAdmin is the undisputed champion.

DirectAdmin License Installation

Installation = Easy

When it comes to installation, other rival control panels tend to be pickier in how they are installed. However, DirectAdmin license will work on just about anything Linux. Bare minimum resource requirements also make DirectAdmin a true winner when it comes to running it on a VPS.

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We will have to agree DirectAdmin isn't the prettiest when it comes to control panel designs. However, what sets it apart is usability. When it comes to managing and doing daily tasks, with DirectAdmin you won't have to hunt for options that have been relocated from version to version, and that's great.