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SolusVM is a powerful virtualization control panel that allows you to start offering VPS services to your customers, while not breaking the bank. Using SolusVM, you will be able to leverage your existing servers and infrastructure while improving your bottom line.

  • Central DNS Control
  • Automated FTP Backups
  • Advanced Cluster Control
  • VPS Resource Throttling
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SolusVM Security


When it comes to security, SolusVM doesn't take the matter lightly. SolusVM currently supports 7 different layers of security, ranging from brute-force protection to IP address blocking, and unique data encryption standards, which vary per installation.

SolusVM Automated Backups

Automated Backups

SolusVM has the ability to backup all the virtual containers assigned per server to an FTP server at anytime day or night, ensuring that you have total peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.

SolusVM OS Independence

OS Independence

In the past, providing a variety of different operating systems to the end customer was a problem, as there was no room for the customer to choose. However, with SolusVM you or your customer can now install their preferred Linux operating system.

SolusVM Centralized DNS

Centralized DNS

Finding it hard to ask your customers to register their own name servers? If so, there is a way out with SolusVM license. SolusVM supports centralized DNS, meaning you no longer have to deal with long phone calls on how to register private name servers!