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Improvement starts with your webserver.
LiteSpeed will make your website load in a flash!


Increasing the performance of your website starts with the right engine, that engine being LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is a tried and tested web server that will not only increase your websites loading speeds, but will also give your visitors that "wow" factor. Being backed up by the LiteSpeed support team, you can rest assured your in good hands.

  • Automated Updates
  • Real-time Service Monitoring
  • Tiny Resource Footprint
  • SSL Hardware Acceleration
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Let LiteSpeed show you the real difference...


Simplistic Interface

Forget the old days of having to tune everything from command line. Using LiteSpeed, a single click on a web based GUI is all that is needed. No more complicated ssh configurations, just a few clicks directly within your web browser and you are done!

Easily Updateable

Have a busy schedule? We certainly understand that too! LiteSpeed now has several ways you can perform updates; automatically, manually, and semi-automatically. Regardless of the way you choose, you have the ability to control the way you want to do things.

Infinitely Secure

Take the hassle out of complicated security configurations and confusing parameters, just configure the settings you need, and let LiteSpeed handle the rest. Should you get stuck, you can always go back to the default configuration to reestablish maximum security.

Load Instantly

Are you ready for a push into the modern era? If not, get ready as LiteSpeed will do that to you. Make your webpages load up to nine (9) times faster, than with Apache, not to mention use less resources in the process too!