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Virtuozzo. Changing the way you view your server.
Increase your revenue by offering VPS services.


Virtuozzo allows you to take your business to the next level. Virtuozzo virtualization platform enables resellers to start offering VPS services directly from their rented or colocated servers. Parallels Virtuozzo is widely supported so installation of this software is a breeze.

  • Easy Integration
  • On-fly resource management
  • Resource Isolation
  • Easy-to-use central management
  • Live server migration
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How the Virtuozzo license can automate your business

Automated Process

Provisioning a VPS doesn't have to be a manual process anymore. Virtuozzo has all the tools to fully automate account; creation, suspension, deletion, and many other daily functions that help automate daily tasks for administrators.

Virtuozzo licenses support multiple operating systems

Multiple OSes

Support almost any Linux based operating system on your Virtuozzo license installation. Using pre-defined templates with Virtuozzo you can get any operating system of choice online within a few short minuets, and that's a fact.

Virtuozzo license allows you to intergrate with an api

API Integration

Virtuozzo core has a powerful and very flexible API, which allows developers to do almost anything. Virtuozzo license allows your users to adjust resources on the fly, or downgrade a VPS's resources with a single click. You are in total control when it comes to being able to easily manage Virtuozzo and its feature set.

buy a Virtuozzo license and fully manage your network from one location

Central Management

Imagine the ability to fully manage every Virtuozzo hardware node within your network from licensing to updates from one easy to use central interface. Well, Virtuozzo license allows you to do just that; one easy interface allows you control all server resources, and backups and so much more.