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When looking to improve customer retention rates, or simply to install scripts with a single click, an auto-installer comes to mind. Auto-installers make it simple for website owners and administrators alike to deploy new applications within minutes rather than hours. The cost of savings in time, allows you to focus on more important projects rather than simple installations. Fantastico de luxee is one such installer, Fantastico de luxee built around the cPanel control panel software seamlessly integrates and provides you with access to over fifty plus scripts with just a few clicks.

Fantastico de luxee has been in the market for over seven years and is used by tens-of-thousands if not hundreds-of-thousands of web hosting providers and web designers, to make it simple to deploy commonly used applications such as WordPress. Furthermore, packed with features such as sub-user controls, automated backups and multiple languages, makes Fantastico de luxee a great choice when using it in conjunction with your cPanel license.

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When choosing an auto-installer, one of the most important features to look for is how long has the application has been around. This is extremely important when making your choice, because you can be assured that the project will be around long enough for you to enjoy the benefits that you've paid for. For example, Fantastico de luxe has been around almost eight (8) years allowing it to pickup a following like no other, while others have not. Additionally, Fantastico de luxe has stood the test of time and proved its worth hence so many web hosting providers use it currently.

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60+ Opensource scripts avaliable

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Swift security updates

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8+ years in the industry

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Supports multiple languages

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Full reseller control

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