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Learning how to install Fantastico can be an overwhelming process if you are fairly new to having to install scripts yourself. Overall, if you are seasoned in software installations the Fantastico install process should be quite straightforward. Either way, the creators of Fantastico have chosen to automate their Fantastico install process as much as possible, thus making the deployment for Fantastico super-easy and quick.

For the Fantastico install you will need to ensure that you have either a cPanel VPS (Virtual Private Server) or alternatively a cPanel Dedicated Server as the Fantastico install cannot run on any other platform than cPanel/WHM due to the constraints that were placed when it was originally being planned out and designed. As long as you have either one of those two types of hosting accounts, the Fantastico install process should go very smoothly.

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When looking for Fantastico web hosting, you should be sure that your Fantastico web hosting provider installed everything during the Fantastico install process. If not, you may run into issues such as not having enough scripts within your Fantastico web hosting account. Please note that it's not common that Fantastico web hosting providers do not install everything, but it has happened and does happen with some of the most popular web hosting providers, so ask the right questions about the Fantastico install process prior to signing up!

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