Virtuozzo for Linux

When it comes to virtualization technologies, there is one virtualization platform that stands out above the rest. That platform is called Virtuozzo for Linux. Virtuozzo for Linux allows multiple Linux distributions to be hosted on one physical server. Virtuozzo for Linux also has an incredibly sleek interface, which allows for easy administration of multiple servers within one easy-to-use web interface.

Virtuozzo for Linux also brings multiple benefits that you generally wouldn't see on other virtualization platforms such as; superior documentation, excellent support, and most importantly swift security patches. Virtuozzo for Linux is constantly being developed, so can rest assured that Virtuozzo for Linux passes stringent quality control testing prior to any releases.

Virtuozzo for Linux

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Virtuozzo for Linux or Virtuozzo for Windows?

Parallels Virtuozzo is available in two very distinct flavors, the first being Virtuozzo for Windows and the other being Virtuozzo for Linux. Both versions of Parallels Virtuozzo have the same principals in mind and that is to provide superior virtualization technology at the lowest possible price, and highest possible density. When buying Virtuozzo for Linux you are buying into easy-of-use and automation, which allows your business to continue running smoothly, whether you are a single-man web hosting company or a multi-million dollar web hosting provider.