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Automated SECURITY UPDATES are now reality.
Apply all your server updates, without a single reboot!
Ksplice, once heralded as the industries greatest innovation, has been bought by Oracle. Since the purchase of Ksplice, no more licenses are available for its software.


Ksplice is an application that allows your servers to automatically apply the latest security patches that are released by the Linux community without the need of rebooting your server, and causing service impacting server reboots.

  • Rebootless server updates
  • Virtualization ready
  • Update rollback capability
  • Update email notifications
  • Easily Installable
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Go rebootless with Ksplice and improve your uptime....

Maintain 100% Uptime; Ksplice allows you to go rebootless!

Swift Update Relases

From the moment a patch is released by the Linux community, Ksplice promise to deliver a rebootless patch that will be ready for deployment within a couple of hours. So there is no waiting around. Ksplice can even automatically apply the patch for you, so there is no need to login to multiple servers to perform the update.

Rollback Capability

A patch didn't quite do what you expected? No problems with Ksplice license you can instantly reverse any update to the Linux kernel without the need to reboot. No more downtimes, and no more hassle of guessing to figure out which patches need to be removed. With Ksplice its truly that simple.

Online Management

Ksplice Uptrack allows you to conveniently manage, which Linux patches are applied and which are not. Within Ksplice set server permission levels, and control which servers should be automatically updated and which shouldn't.

Virtualization Friendly

Ksplice is also virtualization friendly and provides support for virtualization platforms such as: VMware, Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, and Xen. So updating 150 VPS containers within a virtual environment is a task of the past with Ksplice license.