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Customize YOUR HOSTING with a new themes.
Stylize your control panel with your own look!


RVSkins is a multi-theme skin management software that was designed for cPanel/WHM. RVSkin license supports over twenty-five languages and provides a great way to differentiate your web hosting plans from the competition.

  • Account-Specific Configuration
  • Easy Billing System Integration
  • Multi-theme design support
  • Up-sell messaging capabilities
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Differentiate your hosting services today with RVSkin...

RVSkins - Customize your business!
Intergrate any billing system into a RVSkins license

Billing Integration

Not needing to remember many complicated passwords has always been a plus. This is why RVSkin has developed a single sign-on module, which allows users to login to their billing system from their control panel without the need of remembering their passwords.

Support 25+ languages with your RVSkins license

Multi-lingual Interface

Having over twenty-five different languages that are supported by default, RVSkins license really provides an extremely valuable Webmaster toolset that anyone can use right out of the box.

Use the upsell feature to sell other products within the RVSkins license system

Upsale Feature

Ever had a new service which you wanted to share with your existing customer base? Using the Upsell feature, that comes standard with RVSkin, allows you to post your latest offers directly to end-users once they login to their control panel.

Automatically upgrade your RVSkins license without hassle

Automatic Upgrades

RVSkin automatically updates as soon as a new release is available, ensuring that everything is current. By doing this automatically, RVSkin frees you up to do more important business tasks.