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Get SERIOUS with your billing system.
Ubersmith takes the guesswork out of billing.
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Choosing Ubersmith is much like choosing a multifaceted Swiss army knife; it can literally do anything and everything you ask of it. Whether you are looking at releasing a new service, or automating existing processes, Ubersmith is the essential module you need to get your entire workflow automated. Just remember, should Ubersmith not have what you need, you can build a module within minutes to make it happen!

  • Bandwidth Monitoring/Billing
  • Account Automation
  • 50+ Payment Gateways
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Once you've tried it, you'll love it...

With multiple control panel support Ubersmith is one of the most powerful billing systems

Payment Gateways

Having one of the largest selections of payment gateways, Ubersmith makes it easy to integrate into your existing processors, such as PayPal, Liberty Reserve, AliPay, and many others. That's not mentioning the countless amount of new payment gateways always being added on version upgrades.

Ubersmith license supports a massive amount of payment gateways

Advanced Monitoring

Monitoring your devices doesn't have to be tricky and confusing. Ubersmith has a built-in feature which allows you to quickly and easily manage and monitor all your devices from within the "Device Manager" option directly within Ubersmith. You can even group devices within the "Device Manager" based upon location, rack, and/or positions within the rack!

Automate account provisioning and termination with a Ubersmith license

Control Panels

Having to manually provision accounts can be a burden, especially if you are growing quickly. For this very reason, Ubersmith has integrated with over twenty different control panel vendors, such as Plesk, cPanel, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, ISPmanager, and many others to make your life as simple as possible.

Intergrate with over 20 domain registrars with your Ubersmith license

Payment Validation

Ever provision a service only to find that the customer had already issued a chargeback or reversal? Using Ubersmith you no longer have to worry about this, as Ubersmith will validate the transaction every five minutes, and cancel the order if this happened. This is just another way to simplify your life.