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Fantastico F3 is the market leader when it comes to auto-installers for cPanel/WHM servers. Having over 10,000 installations, Fantastico provides more than one million users with dozens of open-source scripts on a daily basis.

  • cPanel/WHM Ready
  • 600+ Open-Source Scripts
  • 10,000+ Installations
  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide
  • Advanced Administrator Controls
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Fantastico License Advanced User Controls

Advanced Controls

If you are looking to provide extra services, Fantastico is a great addition. It allows an administrator to fully control what scripts their end users have access to. Additionally, with Fantastico license administrators can set language functionality based upon their location.

Fantastico License Automated Upgrades

Seamless Upgrades

As soon as upgrades come out, Fantastico has them available for administrators to download. Fantastico upgrades can be automated, where backups and updates happen at the same time, allowing the administrator to be hassle free.

Fantastico License Support

Perfect Support

Being able to obtain assistance with Fantastico when needed is a key part of the decision making process. Fantastico has a wide variety of support resources available for its users from its community forum to their email based ticketing system.

Fantastico License Installation

Streamlined Install

Installing Fantastico license within your cPanel/WHM couldn't be simpler. Just upload the installer via shell, and follow the online process via the WHM's easy-to-use interface, and hey, presto, Fantastico is all installed!